Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Building the Perfect Church.

A little exercise you may wish to try…(or not)?

Stand in front of a mirror (one where you can see above your head), raise your arms over your head placing your palms together with all fingers touching the corresponding fingers of the other hand. Move your palms apart keeping the fingertips touching and roll your thumbs until they are pointing down (but still touching), then roll your index finger-tips (pointing fingers) down toward the tips of your thumbs and you should see a graphical depiction of the "First and Greatest Commandment" appear.

"The eye sees all, but the mind shows us what (it comprehends, identifies or knows) we want/expect to see".

Humm! Too vague and you only saw a heart. Okay maybe we need to take a lesson from my 4-year-old son (you see he is very observant).
We were driving home on Sunday from doing some shopping. Driving up a slight hill approaching a set of traffic lights that had changed to Red. While we where stopped at the lights he said excitedly "I see an Alligator". Being at a loss as to where it was I asked him where it was, to which he replied "Up there in the sky". And then we saw what he saw, a cloud formation that looked remarkably like an Alligator with it's head raised ready to strike. I was so focused on the traffic-lights, that I failed to see "the big picture".

Now I think it's time to go back to the mirror (drawing board)...Most people are so focused on watching their hands and what they were doing that that is all you recognised. We need to consider the entire picture and I give you some clues of what to look for.

Clue #1 Is not the front of the head also referred to as a "Temple" and we should have God sealed in our foreheads?
Clue #2 Do we not keep all that we treasure in a "Treasure Chest" and our Treasure where our Heart is?
Clue #3 Did not Jesus refer to his body as a "Church" that if distroyed would be raised again?
Clue #4 Do we not put a "Steeple" above our church to channel (focus) all our prayers, worship and praise toward heaven?
Clue #5 And finally, atop the Steeple we put "A SPIRE" nee aspire (transmitting our aspirations or Heart’s Desires).
Clue #6 Pretend if you will (in Spirit) that you cup your praying hands around your Heart's Deepest Desires and "don't forget to open it so God can see what is inside". Remember an open Heart is a Loving Heart.

I am not advocating that we must all stand like that when Praying, it is merely a metaphor to help focus our Mind, Body, Heart and Soul toward the Lord.

God’s Love be with you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.
Christopher John Petersen.

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